September 2011

Local Insurance Reform Now Law

Local Insurance Reform Now Law

SEPTEMBER 2011 VOICE: The seven-year odyssey, that has been a string of municipal health insurance reform initiatives, has closed its latest chapter with the passage of a new law that could dramatically reshape how local insurance plans are negotiated and established.

NEXT UP: Pension Reform Phase 3

Association Urges COLA Inclusion

SEPTEMBER 2011 Voice: Determined to act this year on what might prove to be a generational change in our public retirement formula, Legislative Leaders are now drafting legislation that would serve as the third major pension reform measure passed in as many years.

Legislative Update

SEPTEMBER 2011 VOICE: Despite the time and intense effort focused on Municipal Health Insurance Reform over the first seven months of the 2011-12 Legislative Session, progress was made on several Association sponsored bills. To date, most of the bills, contained within the Association’s Legislative Package, have received a public hearing.


SEPTEMBER 2011 VOICE: No sooner had Chapter 69 become law, than Arlington’s board of selectmen voted 4-0 to move forward and join the state Group Insurance Commission (GIC). Right behind them, Somerville Mayor Joseph Curatone also began the move to the GIC.

Other communities, from cities, such as Fall River and New Bedford, to the smallest Berkshire towns are now weighing how to proceed. Essentially, Chapter 32B (municipal health insurance) now provides multiple options as to how to negotiate and design local insurance benefits.



SEPTEMBER 2011 VOICE: The Plymouth Board of Selectmen has appointed Gerald (Jerry) Coughlin to be their designee on the Plymouth Retirement Board.

Coughlin, treasurer of our Association, had a distinguished career with the Mass. Turnpike Authority where he served as administrator of the Turnpike Retirement Board for many years. After retiring in 1996, he was elected to the Board where he served with fellow elected Board member, the late Frank “Bingo” Hoey.