November 2010

2010 Election In Full Swing

Association Endorses Pro-Retiree Candidates

ELECTION DAY 2010: With Election Day, November 2, now less than a month away, Association leaders continue to stump for candidates approved and endorsed by our Executive Board.

Our Association has a long history of actively endorsing those candidates who, regardless of party affiliation, have a record of supporting public retirees. We especially look toward candidates who have played an active role in sponsoring our Association's legislation and impacting public policies that are favorable to public retirees.

Association Backs Quincy's Keenan For Senate

Association Backs Quincy's Keenan For Senate

Strong Backer of Retiree Rights 

NOVEMBER 2010 VOICE: When Senator Mike Morrissey announced his candidacy for District Attorney of Norfolk County, two strong candidates within his district announced their candidacy in the Democratic Primary to succeed him.

State Representative Steve Tobin of Quincy and Quincy City Councillor John Keenan both filed nomination papers for Morrissey's seat which will be vacated in January - the Norfolk and Plymouth District.

Social Security: How It Works (1 of 3)

1st In A Three-Part Series 

NOVEMBER 2010 VOICE: In the first of a three-part series that examines the issues surrounding Social Security, we will begin by exploring the basic Social Security program itself. Part II will explain the WEP/GPO, while Part III will look at the various proposals for reforming the program.

Editorial: Vote No On Questions 1 & 3

Would Create $2.5 Billion Deficit

NOVEMBER 2010 VOICE: Another election cycle brings with it the latest attempt by anti-government groups to cut or eliminate certain Massachusetts taxes. This year their focus is cutting the sales tax to 3%, while also eliminating the sales tax on alcohol.