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Is Obamacare Too Complicated to Succeed?

The Affordable Care Act has been under siege since before it even had a name. Some on the right saw it as government overreach. Some on the left considered it better for insurance companies than for consumers. As many of the law’s provisions take effect over the next year, we’re hearing from both sides all over again. This time the theme is that the law is too complex.

A budget primer for White House budget week

By Josh Hicks
Washington Post
April 8, 2013

Talk of Medicare Changes Could Open Way to Budget Pact

New York Times

Published: March 28, 2013

WASHINGTON — As they explore possible fiscal deals, President Obama and Congressional Republicans have quietly raised the idea of broad systemic changes to Medicare that could produce significant savings and end the polarizing debate over Republican plans to privatize the insurance program for older Americans.

State retiree health system needs major reforms

Boston Globe Editorial
January 16, 2013

Chained CPI Is a Vote to Cut Social Security Benefits

The following letter was co-authored by Eric Kingson and Nancy Altman, co-chairs of the Strengthen Social Security Coalition, and sent to every Congressional office.

Our coalition of 320 organizations representing a broad cross-section of the American people respectfully urges you to reject the use of the less-generous and less-accurate chained-CPI as the basis for Social Security's cost of living adjustments for current and future seniors, people with disabilities, and other beneficiaries.


Reform Would Tackle Fiscal Challenges Head-On, Save As Much as $20 Billion over the Next 30 Years

BOSTON – Friday, January 11, 2013 – Governor Deval Patrick today announced plans to file legislation to reform health insurance benefits for retirees that would save as much as $20 billion for the Commonwealth and municipalities over the next 30 years.  Today’s announcement builds on the Governor’s record of reform and his Administration’s commitment to fiscal responsibility for the long-run.

Repairs to Medicare

By Editorial Board, Sunday, January 6, 6:54 PM

Starting March 1: Electronic Payments Are a Must for S.S. Recipients

JANUARY 4, 2013: For years, Social Security has stressed the convenience, security, and safety of getting benefit payments electronically. Soon, direct deposit (or Direct Express) will not only be the best way to receive Federal benefit payments -- it will be the only way.

That's because the U.S. Department of the Treasury announced a new rule that will phase out paper checks for Federal benefit and non-tax payments by March 1, 2013.

Here is how the transition will work.