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MassPRIM embraces diverse FUTURE

MassPRIM embraces diverse FUTURE

Massachusetts Pension Reserves Investment Management Board, Boston, unveiled an initiative to substantially increase its allocation to diverse and emerging managers.

The goal of the FUTURE initiative, which was presented to MassPRIM's investment committee meeting Tuesday , is to bring the pension plan's exposure to emerging and diverse managers to at least 20%.

Another year, another step toward ditching the WEP?

Another year, another step toward ditching the WEP?

By Nicole Ogrysko @nogryskoWFED

April 5, 2021 

Occasionally, I’ll get an email or a question from a federal retiree about the Windfall Elimination Provision.

The WEP is so complex, but the questions surrounding it are usually the same. What’s the status of legislation to ditch it, or at least bring some relief to the 3% of Social Security beneficiaries who have to deal with it?

2021 Medicare Part B Premiums Remain Steady

November 6, 2020: Today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the 2021 monthly Medicare Parts A and B premiums, deductibles, and coinsurance amounts in which the Medicare Part B monthly premium remains steady.

A Month From Election, Galvin Talks Up Early Voting Options

A Month From Election, Galvin Talks Up Early Voting Options

Secretary, Locals Aim for Safe In-Person Voting

Matt Murphy, State House News Service

STATE HOUSE, BOSTON, OCT. 5, 2020.....With less than a month until the election, Secretary of State William Galvin on Monday urged voters to make a plan and not wait if they anticipate casting their ballot by mail to ensure that their vote gets counted.

With Washington Deadlocked on Aid, States Face Dire Fiscal Crises

Local officials are slashing funding for everything from education and health care to orchestra subsidies.

Alaska chopped resources for public broadcasting. New York City gutted a nascent composting program that could have kept tons of food waste out of landfills. New Jersey postponed property-tax relief payments.

Prisoners in Florida will continue to swelter in their cells, because plans to air-condition its prisons are on hold. Many states have already cut planned raises for teachers.

And that’s just the start.

Pension Fund, MIT Launch Social Investing Project

Rating Discrepancies Underscore Need for Research

Colin A. Young, State House News Service

SEPT. 9, 2020.....The Massachusetts state pension fund is teaming up with the MIT Sloan Sustainability Initiative to try to improve the data available to investors who want to make decisions based on things like the way a company treats its workers, its carbon emissions or its product safety record.

Social Security has tilted to favor higher earners who delay claiming benefits, report says

Social Security has tilted to favor higher earners who delay claiming benefits, report says

By Robert Weisman, Boston Globe Staff

The nation’s Social Security program was designed with special concern for the least fortunate Americans, to keep them from sinking into poverty when they became too old to work.

But recent demographic changes have tilted the system against lower earners who claim Social Security benefits early, even as they’ve rewarded higher earners who claim benefits later, according to a Boston College report.

State Lawmakers Reach Compromise On $43.1 Billion State Budget

STATEHOUSE, BOSTON, JULY 21, 2019 (STATEHOUSE NEWS SERVICE) – Three weeks after the start of the new fiscal year, Democratic leaders finalized a fiscal 2020 budget agreement over the weekend to end a weeks-long stalemate and authorize $43.1 billion in state government spending over the next year.