Retirement Benefits

Articles about Retirement Benefits that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.


JAN 2007 - “One advantage I have is a lengthy institutional memory and
I’d like to share that with our members in regard to group life insurance. I
believe it’s relevant when we compare the GIC Commissioners of 35 years ago to
what they are today,” offered President Ralph White.

Retirement Group Study

SEPTEMBER 2006 - A special Blue Ribbon
Panel on Massachusetts Public Employees’ Pension
Classification System has issued its report and
recommended changes for how the retirement groups
are constituted.

State Board Opens Springfield Office

SEPTEMBER 2006 - State retirees in Western Mass.
will no longer need to trek to Boston if they want
to conduct business with the State Retirement Board.

State Teachers Disability Vets

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Accidental disability
retirees of the State and Teachers’ Retirement Systems,
who are veterans, will now be entitled to the same
veterans’ stipend that superannuation retirees

Teachers Retirement Board Moves

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Greater Access For
- Heeding calls from retirees for easier
access, the Massachusetts Teachers’ Retirement
System (MTRS) has relocated their main office from
downtown Boston to East Cambridge.

Boards Respond To Vets: Accidental Disability Vets Previously Denied

JULY 06 - Local retirement boards have responded big time in voting retroactive stipends for their veterans who retired under accidental disability. These are vets who were denied the same benefit that superannuation veterans have long received.

Berkshire Regional: Small Pensions, But Happy Retirees

July 2006 - If there is one county retirement system that could be considered to be the poor cousin of other retirement systems, it is the Berkshire Regional System (Formerly Berkshire County System).

Chapter 157 Underway At Local Level

MARCH 2006 - State Systems Delayed - Chapter 157, which allows accidental disability retirees who are veterans, to receive the same veterans' stipend that superannuation retiree veterans receive, is now underway in the cities, towns and counties.

Court, Once Again, Recognizes Pension Credit For Personal Use Of "State/Town Vehicles"

MARCH 2006 - Last year, we reported that a state superior court judge ruled that an employee's personal use of a vehicle, supplied by their employer (state/town vehicle), could be included as part of their regular compensation when calculating their pension. That same judge has now issued an opinion on several other lawsuits, dealing with state/town vehicles, in which he again recognizes the pension credit for their personal use.

Westfield: Profile Of Pensions And Salaries

NOVEMBER 2005 - Number Of Over Age 80 Retirees On Rise - In this month's snapshot of a municipal retirement system's pensions we will look at the Western Mass. City of Westfield. In doing so, we will compare Westfield's current pensions with those of ten years ago.