Retirement Benefits

Articles about Retirement Benefits that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

Chapter 157 Underway At Local Level

MARCH 2006 - State Systems Delayed - Chapter 157, which allows accidental disability retirees who are veterans, to receive the same veterans' stipend that superannuation retiree veterans receive, is now underway in the cities, towns and counties.

Homestead: Protect Your Home

- Even though you may have planned for the proverbial "rainy day", you
may regrettably find yourself unable to pay all your bills at some
point. If such an unfortunate turn-of-events occurs, could you have
done something to at least prevent your home from being sold right out
from under you?

Westfield: Profile Of Pensions And Salaries

NOVEMBER 2005 - Number Of Over Age 80 Retirees On Rise - In this month's snapshot of a municipal retirement system's pensions we will look at the Western Mass. City of Westfield. In doing so, we will compare Westfield's current pensions with those of ten years ago.

Mass. Pensions And Income Taxes In Other States

- When considering a move outside the Commonwealth, there are naturally
several factors that a member weighs before making a decision. Among
them is whether their contributory pension, which is not subject to tax
here, will be taxed by the prospective new home state.

RetirementPlus: A Look Back And Forward

JULY 2005 - Teacher Retirements Way Up Since Inception - Five years ago, an alternative retirement plan for teachers, known as RetirementPlus, was created (Chapter 114, Acts of 2000). Under RetirementPlus, career teachers who have at least 30 years of service - 20 in teaching - can receive an extra 12% added to their pensions.

Few Retirees Seek Return To Work Under New Law

JULY 2005
- Last year, a new law (Section 105 of Chapter 32) was enacted that
allowed retirees, on a regular (not disability) pension, to resume
full-time public service and be reinstated as an active member of a
retirement system. They could then retire later with an enhanced
pension benefit.

Heating Assistance Available

MARCH 2005
- Application Deadline: April 30 - You have until April 30 to apply for help to pay your heating bills
during this winter. Funded through the federal government, the state's
LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) has been providing
assistance to an average of 130,000 individuals and/or families for
more than 25 years.

Circuit Breaker Law Offers Property Tax Relief

- Tax time is fast approaching. Because our public pensions are not
taxed by the Commonwealth, many members do not find it necessary to
file a state tax return.

2004 Annual Meeting: New Location & Many New Faces

- This year, the 36th Annual Meeting of our Association was held at a
new venue - the Sheraton Colonial in Wakefield on September 17.

Problems Brewing Over Paying Medical Bills Of Disabled Police And Firefighters

- As healthcare costs climb and municipal budgets tighten, more and
more problems have been brewing in communities that agreed to pay
directly for the medical bills of disabled police officers and
firefighters. By adopting the local option law (Section 100B of Chapter
41), a community "indemnifies" its retired police and fire, receiving
an accidental disability pension, and pays all medical bills for their
work-related injuries. Editor's Note: It's important to
remember that this is a local option law and not all cities and towns
have adopted it. In communities, that have not accepted the law,
disabled police and fire submit their bills to their health insurance