Articles about Legislation that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

Legislative Team Focuses On 2008

JANUARY 2008: The coming six months are critical to the success of the Association’s 2007-2008 Legislative Agenda. Although the current session runs until January 2009, the Legislature stops meeting in formal session at the end of July.

At the start of the session, the Association had filed bills addressing 18 different issue areas of importance to public retirees. Hearings on these bills, which were conducted by the Joint Committee on Public Service, were completed in July.

September Legislative Update

SEPT 2007 - As reported in the July edition of the Voice, the Joint Committee on Public Service held public hearings through the month of July that included several bills of high importance to Association members. Public hearings are viewed as the first crucial step in the legislative process.

Disability Reviews Prove Burdensome

SEPT 2007 - For the past eleven years, the nearly 15,000 retirees receiving disability pensions have been required by law to periodically prove to the state that they remain disabled and unable to perform the essential duties of the job from which they retired.


2007 JULY - Now a quarter of the way through the 2007-2008 Legislative Session, Massachusetts legislative leaders are evaluating a number of proposals that are “hot” issues to Association members.

Association Bill Numbers

2007 MAY - Here are the respective Senate and House numbers for each of
the Association bills for the 2007-2008 Legislative Session. Principal sponsors
are shown within the parenthesis.

Public Service Hearings Begin

2007 MAY - Hitting the ground running, the Joint Committee on Public
Service has embarked on an aggressive public hearing schedule, aimed at quickly
moving several key bills, including Association proposals to raise the COLA
base to $16,000, increase  the minimum
pension, and create retiree healthcare trust funds. Here are the Committee

Romney Nixes Bill to Allow Increased Public Sector Earnings For Retirees

2007 MAR - Legislation, that would have increased the amount of money that public sector retirees  could earn while working part-time for the state or local government, was enacted by the Legislature, but rejected by Governor Romney this past December.

2007 - 2008 Legislative Program

2007 MAR - Association Bill Sponsors - Here is a list of those legislators who have agreed to sponsor and cosponsor our twenty bills for the new Legislative Session. Any additional cosponsors, who signed on after we went to press, will be reported on our website.

The name in boldface denotes the lead sponsor of each bill, followed by cosponsors in italics. At this time, bills have yet to be assigned numbers.

New Legislative Session Begins

2007 MAR - Strong Support For Association Bills - A number of key legislators, from both sides of the political aisle, have stepped forward to sponsor the Association’s 2007-2008 legislative package.

It's Patrick For Governor

NOV 2006 - Every so often an election takes on historic importance, not
only because of who the candidates are, but because of the policy changes that
hinge upon the outcome.

This year’s election pits Democrats Deval Patrick and Tim
Murray against Republicans Kerry Healey and Reed Hillman. While the race and
gender of the two gubernatorial nominees have made national headlines, our
Association is most interested in the changes that will be brought forth by the
person who holds the corner office for the next four years.