Articles about Legislation that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees.

2007 - 2008 Legislative Program

2007 MAR - Association Bill Sponsors - Here is a list of those legislators who have agreed to sponsor and cosponsor our twenty bills for the new Legislative Session. Any additional cosponsors, who signed on after we went to press, will be reported on our website.

The name in boldface denotes the lead sponsor of each bill, followed by cosponsors in italics. At this time, bills have yet to be assigned numbers.

New Legislative Session Begins

2007 MAR - Strong Support For Association Bills - A number of key legislators, from both sides of the political aisle, have stepped forward to sponsor the Association’s 2007-2008 legislative package.

It's Patrick For Governor

NOV 2006 - Every so often an election takes on historic importance, not
only because of who the candidates are, but because of the policy changes that
hinge upon the outcome.

This year’s election pits Democrats Deval Patrick and Tim
Murray against Republicans Kerry Healey and Reed Hillman. While the race and
gender of the two gubernatorial nominees have made national headlines, our
Association is most interested in the changes that will be brought forth by the
person who holds the corner office for the next four years.

High Hopes For New Session

NOV 2006 - Progress in working the halls of government is often more
like a marathon than a sprint. Unless a crisis ensues to force quick action,
legislative activity can often take years to bring about, even for the most
compelling issues.

Federal Private Pension Law

NOV 2006 - Congress has enacted major private pension legislation, known as the Pension Protection Act of 2006
or PPA (P.L. No. 109-280), which contains a provision that will bestow a
significant federal tax break upon public safety retirees.

Romney Vetoes Essex Regional COLA Base Legislation

NOV 2006 - A proposed law increasing the Cost of Living Adjustment for
members of the Essex Regional Retirement System (ERRS) was approved by
Legislature before being vetoed by Governor Mitt Romney on July 31, the last
day of the legislative session.

Legislature Ends Formal Session

SEPTEMBER 2006 - Although the Massachusetts
Legislature wrapped up its ‘06 formal session
this July 31 without taking a vote on a higher
COLA base, our Association is optimistic for success
in the 2007 session.

Bills On The Move In Senate

JULY 06 - Jehlen Focuses On Retirement Issues - Newly elected state Senator Patricia Jehlen (D-Somerville) is proving to be a key Association ally within the state Senate. With the formal Legislative Session drawing to a close on July 30, Jehlen has helped usher several Association-backed bills through the Senate.

Lobbying Intensifies On Beacon Hill

MAY 2006 - Option C Remains Hot Topic - Association lobbyists have been working the levers of government in an attempt to forward our Legislative Package before the end of formal sessions on July 30. At this time, with less than four months remaining in the session, twenty-one Association-backed bills remain active.

Session At Midway Point

JANUARY 2006 - Legislative Package Advances - Beacon Hill was a hotbed of activity in late fall as the Legislature wrapped-up the first year of its two-year session. During the session, progress was made on several Association sponsored bills.