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PRIM Board Election Underway

PRIM Board Election Underway

MARCH 25, 2019: This week, retired and active state employees began to receive ballots to cast a vote to elect your representative to the state's Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board. Mass Retirees Executive Vice President Paul Shanley is the current elected member and is seeking reelection as your representative. Our Association has endorsed Paul and fully supports his reelection to this very important position.

Secure retirement benefits

Secure retirement benefits

Dear Members,

I hope you and your loved ones are safe and enduring this difficult time as best as you can. Here at Mass Retirees, our staff is doing as well as can be expected. We are still working on your behalf, albeit remotely. If you need us, please call or email.

State Officials Hold Annual Revenue Consensus Hearing

State Officials Hold Annual Revenue Consensus Hearing

Pension Funds Cited As Positive Economic Factor

DECEMBER 5, 2018: This morning the state’s top budget, revenue and fiscal officials conducted what’s known at the Revenue Consensus Hearing. The annual State House meeting kicks off the coming budget debate for FY 2020.

Once Again State Pension Fund One of the Best

Mass. pension fund enjoyed highest return from private equity investments of any in country

By Jon Chesto, GLOBE STAFF  MAY 23, 2018

The Massachusetts state pension fund is tops in its field when it comes to picking winners in the difficult world of private equity investments.

The Real Reason the Investor Class Hates Pensions

By DAVID WEBBER, New York Times MARCH 5, 2018

No issue in America today better illustrates the divergent interests of working Americans and the 1 percent than pension reform. Substantial empirical evidence shows that America’s favored retirement vehicle — the 401(k), recently renounced by its own inventors — is grossly inadequate and will leave tens of millions of Americans with insufficient retirement assets.

Fossil-fuel divestiture hearing: Retirees’ interests vs. environmental concerns

John Hilliard
State House News Service
June 9, 2015

During a packed hearing late Tuesday morning, supporters of bills that would divest public pensions from fossil fuel energy industry over concerns that relying on profits from those companies helps contribute to climate change.



Mass Retirees Supports Formal Study, Urges Caution

JUNE 10, 2015: On Tuesday, the complex issue of public pension fund divestment of fossil fuel investments took center stage at the Massachusetts State House. 

Leominster Retirement Board hit over pension-hike denial

By Jack Minch

LEOMINSTER -- A statewide association representing retired municipal employees is criticizing the city's Retirement Board for voting in July not to give retirees a cost-of-living pay increase in their pensions for the fifth straight year.

Leominster's COLA Denial For Fifth Year Unconsionable

Mayor Mazzarella Controlled Board Manipulates Funding Schedule and Treats Retirees as Second Rate

SEPTEMBER 2014 VOICE: By any fair measure, five years is a considerable amount of time. It’s half a decade, longer than a presidential or gubernatorial term in office and exceeds the time spent in high school or college. For Leominster’s retirees and survivors five years may only be the beginning of their wait for a modest and much needed cost-of-living adjustment (COLA).

U.S. Public Pensions Show Biggest Investment Gain in Three Years

U.S. state and local-government pension investments gained the most in three years as stocks soared, according to a report to be released today by Wilshire Associates Inc.