Health Insurance

Articles about Health Insurance that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees

Curbs Sought On Drug Industry Influence

- Out-Of-Control Price Increases Draw Criticism - In direct response to complaints from retirees and the general public
alike relative to the ever-increasing cost of prescription drugs, the
state Senate is considering legislation that will curb the influence of
the pharmaceutical industry in Massachusetts.

Ballot Question Fails Webster Retirees... Again

JULY 2002
- For the fourth straight year, the Central Massachusetts town of
Webster has voted against subsidizing the health insurance premiums of
the town's retirees at a 50 percent level. Currently, the retirees pay
the full cost and will continue to do so.

South Shore Communities Adopt Medicare Option

JULY 2002
- Brockton and Plymouth Use Different Approaches - With the cost of health insurance continuing to skyrocket at an
alarming rate, cities and towns across the Commonwealth are looking for
options to help control costs. Instead of cutting benefits and
increasing costs on retirees, some communities are shifting the
financial burden to the federal government under Medicare.

Worcester To Retain Blue Cross

JULY 2002
- Retirees Decry HMO Option - An attempt by the city of Worcester to drop Blue Cross / Blue Shield
of Massachusetts has been defeated. This news marks a significant
victory for retirees and active employees in Worcester.

No Insurance Increase

JULY 2002
- Retirees Stave Off State Premium Hike - Through sheer grit and determination, this May our Association was
able to fend off an attempt in the House of Representatives to raise
the insurance contribution percentage for members insured under the
state's Group Insurance Commission. Had the Association and its allies
been unsuccessful, the retirees would have seen a 33% increase in their
health insurance costs.

LTC Insurance Offered To Federal Retirees

MAY 2002
- Senator Chandler Sponsors Mass. Study - Back in November 2000, we reported that the federal government was
working to implement a long term care (LTC) insurance program, which
would be offered to its retirees and employees this year. By today’s
definition, LTC encompasses a full range of services beyond nursing
home care, including home or community based services and assisted
living facilities.

Retirees Prefer Indemnity Health Plan

MAY 2002
- HMOs Are More Popular With Employees - Retirees, insured by the Commonwealth’s Group Insurance Commission
(GIC), have an overwhelming preference in the GIC’s indemnity health
insurance plan, according to the latest GIC data.

New State Dental Plan Takes Shape

MAY 2002
- Retirees Urged To Take Close Look - News that the state has created a retiree dental plan has been met
with mostly positive reaction among eligible Association members. The
new plan, which begins July 1, 2002, is the first time such coverage
will be offered to retirees enrolled under the state Group Insurance
Commission (GIC). This includes those retired teachers and local
government retirees who hold GIC coverage.

Webster Retirees Seek Help With Insurance Premiums

MAY 2002
- Southwick Pensioners Have Town’s Support For Increased Premium Aid - Retirees of the Central Mass. community of Webster are again
attempting to win the support of the town’s voters as they seek
assistance with their health insurance premiums.

State Health Insurance Rates Continue To Climb

MAY 2002
- Increase Affects GIC’s State, RMT & EGR Retirees - Retirees and survivors, insured through the state’s Group Insurance
Commission (GIC), will be forced to pay more for their health insurance
beginning July 1.