Articles about the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees

3% July COLA On Schedule

JULY 2005
- Retired members of our 106 retirement systems can look forward to a
new 3% cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) in their July pension checks.

Consumer Price Index: What It Means To Us

MARCH 2005
- First Step Toward Cost-Of-Living - When it comes to reporting on cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) on
your pension, you've read or heard us referring to the Consumer Price
Index or CPI. What is the CPI and why is it important to us?

Boards Prepare For COLA Vote

- Once again, the Consumer Price Index (CPI) was less than 3%. The CPI
for the year ending with the third quarter of 2004 increased by 2.7%
over the third quarter of 2003. This is the figure that will be used
for increases in the January Social Security and Federal retirement

COLA Base Study Underway

- Initial "Summit Meeting" Held - While the $12,000 COLA base will remain in effect for this coming
July's COLA, the second step toward a higher future base was taken on
October 28.

Unanimous Override Of Veto

- Romney Rejected COLA Base Study - In a stunning rebuke, the Legislature has unanimously overridden
Governor Mitt Romney's veto of our Association's COLA base study.


JULY 2004 - Base Alternative On Horizon - A 3% July COLA for state and teacher retirees is now assured.

Greenspan Wants To Change Price Index: Would Mean Smaller COLAs

MAY 2004
- Federal Reserve Chairman Alan Greenspan's testimony before the House
Budget Committee on February 25 has been getting a lot of headlines

July Pension COLA Looks Good

MAY 2004
- So far, it's been smooth sailing for a state and teacher retirees' 3%
July pension COLA. Language for the COLA was included in the FY05 state
budget filed by Governor Romney in January. House Leaders are now
preparing to act on the budget, which takes effect July 1. We have been
assured that the COLA will remain intact when the budget is passed by
the House, and we are optimistic that Senate leaders will support the
COLA in that branch.

Four Boards Change July '03 COLA Vote

MARCH 2004
- Increase Retirees' COLA To 3% - A reconsideration vote by four retirement boards, that had earlier
voted for 1.4% July '03 consumer price index (CPI) COLAs for their
retirees, resulted in three of these boards voting for retroactive 3%
COLAs and a fourth board voting for 3% beginning in January.

Medford Votes First On July COLA

MARCH 2004
- Three Other Boards Quickly Follow - Medford's Retirement Board wasted no time in voting for a July 2004
3% COLA, becoming the first board in the state to take this action.