Articles about the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) that may be useful to Massachusetts retirees

Pension COLA Base To Be Studied

- Public Service Committee Acts - In a move that breathed new life into our efforts to raise the base
upon which the annual pension cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) is
applied, the Joint Committee on Public Service has commissioned an
in-depth study of the subject.

Beverly Is Last Board To Vote COLA

NOVEMBER 2003 - Beverly's Retirement Board voted on July 31 to pay a three-percent COLA to its retirees. The vote was retroactive to July 1.

vote by the Beverly Board brought the total number of boards that voted
for 3% to 101 of 106 boards. As reported earlier, four Boards -
Easthampton, North Attleboro, Gardner and Peabody voted for 1.4% COLAs,
and Somerville voted for a 2.5% COLA.

Local Boards Deliver 3% COLA

- Members Express Appreciation For Support - Despite a few recalcitrants, the overwhelming majority of our 104
five-member local retirement boards voted unanimously for new three
percent cost-of-living adjustments (COLA) beginning with this July's
pension checks.

Legislature Overrides Governor's COLA Veto

- Romney Says Veto Was Internal Snafu - It was a wrong move that could have proven disastrous for state and
teacher retirees. In what can at best only be described as a lapse in
judgment, Governor Mitt Romney vetoed the 3% cost-of-living adjustment
(COLA) for retired state employees and teachers.

Gardner Retirees Lose Heated COLA Battle

- One Community's Tale Of Courageous Struggle - It was the hottest day of the year and a large group of Gardner
retirees were even hotter on June 27 when the Gardner Retirement Board,
by a 3-2 vote, rejected their request for a 3% July COLA.

Worcester Reverses COLA Vote

- Pension Bonding Muddies Water - In the aftermath of the lagging financial markets, the city of
Worcester Retirement Board has reversed an earlier vote, taken in late
June, that would have restricted this year's Cost-of-Living-Adjustment
(COLA) to 1.4%.

State, Teacher 3% July COLA OK

JULY 2003
- Focus Now On Local Boards - With the House, Senate and Governor agreeing on a 3% July COLA for
state and teacher retirees, our attention is now focused on the 104
local retirement boards which vote individually on the COLA.

Local Boards Urged To Vote For 3% July COLA

MAY 2003
- At this point 39 local retirement boards – cities, towns, counties,
districts and authorities – have voted 3% pension COLAs for their
eligible members beginning this July.

Boards To Move Quickly On 3% COLA

- Bristol County First To Vote - While the state and teacher 3% July 2003 pension COLAs will not be
final until the House, Senate and Governor reach final agreement on an
FY’04 state budget late this spring, we are moving forward in
encouraging local retirement boards – our 104 city, town, county,
district and authority boards – to take prompt action in voting for 3%
will recall that our Association’s 1997 legislation (Ch. 17) gave
five-member local boards the exclusive authority to vote on COLAs.
Originally Ch. 17 required boards to vote for a Consumer Price Index
(CPI) COLA, as used by Social Security, if it was less than 3%. A
subsequent amendment, which we sponsored, allowed boards the discretion
of voting for a higher 3% COLA.

Local Retirement Boards Vote 3% COLAs

JULY 2002
- State, Teachers OK In Budget - Local retirement boards have moved quickly in approving three percent
cost-of-living increases for their retirees and survivors effective
this July.