Ballots will shortly be sent to all members of the State Retirement System for a very important election.

Association President Ralph White is running for re-election to a new three-year term as one of the two elected members of the State Retirement Board. The second elected seat is currently being held by Theresa McGoldrick. Her term will not expire this year.

Ralph White, the senior member of the Board, wishes to remind all retired state employees of the importance of this election. He is the only state retiree on the five-member Board. The following statement is from Mr. White:

“Retirees need an experienced member on the Board upon whom they can count to look out for their best interests and those of their survivors, someone who will fight on their behalf, both at the Retirement Board and at the Legislature.

“There are seven candidates in this case. In a random pick for ballot position, I am fifth. You will see the word incumbent next to my name. Do not take this election for granted. Please take the time to return your ballot as instructed so that it will be registered and be counted. Your vote is very important to all retirees even though they may belong to one of our other retirement systems.

“I have devoted my life to you and all public retirees of this state. All I ask is that you, as a member of the State Retirement System, spend $0.41 (postage stamp) so that I can continue to represent you at the State Retirement Board and in turn continue to lead our crusade for members and survivors of the Commonwealth’s retirement systems.”

Thank you very much.

Ralph White

Note to active state employees: “While I am a retired state employee, I also represent you on the State Retirement Board. Theresa McGoldrick, my counterpart, who is the other elected member on the Board, works with me as a team. She does an excellent job on behalf of the members of our system. You, as well as our retirees, can reach me at 617-723-7283 at anytime if you have a pension question or problem. I would greatly appreciate your vote. Check with your agency or department office for ballots.”

Thank you,

Ralph White