Somerville Board Fails Retirees

Also Leominster & Arlington

JULY 30, 2010: Despite the urging of Somerville Retirement Board member Jack Memory, that city's Retirement Board failed to take action on a 3% July COLA and, as a result, the retired members of the Somerville Retirement System, by "default,"  have lost this fiscal year's COLA.

"The Board never put a COLA vote on its agenda, never put it on the table. It's inexcusable," says Association President Ralph White. "It's too late now. The window of opportunity is gone."

Somerville now joins Leominster and Arlington, both of whom denied their retirees and survivors this year's COLAs by 3-2 votes." To their credit, all of the Commonwealth's 103 local retirement boards did vote for new COLAs, on the current $12,000 base, with the exception of the three named boards," said White. State and teacher retirees received their 3% COLAs by a vote of the Legislature and approval of the Governor.

There will be a full detailed report on the actions of the Leominster, Arlington and Somerville Boards in the September issue of the Voice, our Association's publication. Meanwhile, read Somerville Board member Jack Memory's seething letter to the Somerville Journal , which was written prior to a July 15 Board meeting, where a last chance opportunity to vote failed.