NOVEMBER 13, 2006: In what can only be seen as a
backhanded parting shot aimed at political opponents, Governor Mitt Romney has
unilaterally cut approximately $32 million from the budget of the state’s Group
Insurance Commission (GIC).

The cuts were part of $425 million Romney slashed from the
FY07 budget under the guise of a “fiscal emergency”. Legislative leaders
quickly dismissed the governor’s assertion that the state’s lagging economy
required that he make cuts in the existing budget in order to balance the


Senate Ways and Chairman Therese Murray (D-Plymouth) issued
a statement, which claimed that Romney “manufactured” the budget crisis in
order to bolster his presidential ambitions. Murray,
together with her House counterpart, Representative Robert DeLeo (D-Winthrop),
pledged swift Legislative action to overturn Romney’s cuts.


“This is nothing more than a cheap political trick by an
outgoing governor. These cuts were unwarranted and we have faith that the
Legislature will restore the money in due time,” said Association President
Ralph White. “While our members should know their insurance is intact and will
not be taken away, it is shameful that Governor Romney would use retirees,
particularly some of our most vulnerable, as political pawns. He may think this
type of move sells in certain parts of the country, but I believe the heartland
will see right through this act.”