AUGUST 24, 2007:   The phones in the Association’s Boston office have been ringing white hot with calls from retirees who are outraged by the refusal of Senator John Kerry to hold a public hearing on the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO), as we reported in the September Voice. Many members have notified the Association that they contacted the Senator’s office to express their concern and repeated our request for a public hearing.

On August 16, Association President Ralph White was contacted by a senior Kerry aide, who expressed “concern” over our story. “Our members are livid over this issue. With all due respect to the Senator, it is our members who are ‘concerned’ about him for his position on this issue. While we appreciate his overall support of the bill, he is now in a position to take action,” said White. “It is our hope that Senator Kerry reconsiders his position and works with the Association to advance this issue.


“Our members understand that given the current situation with the war, it will be tough to pass a repeal bill this year. However, they fully expect that our state’s elected officials will do everything in their power to keep building support for action to be taken. We do not feel that asking for a hearing is asking for too much.”