Association’s Paul Shanley Our Choice

paul_shanley.jpgActive and retired members of the State Retirement System have received ballots for a very important election at the State Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board.

"Association Vice President Paul Shanley is our choice to winthis election," says Association President Ralph White. White had heldthis PRIM seat for 24 years. "Due to increased legislative prioritieson behalf of retirees, I asked Paul to run for the seat," White said.

In citing his qualifications, Vice President Shanley included the following background:

I spent more than 20 years in state government with 15 of those years directly involved in the State Retirement System. During this period as Deputy State Treasurer/General Counsel, I represented the State Retirement Board in hundreds of administrative appeals, Superior Court cases, including 2 cases I presented to the Massachusetts Supreme Court.

I also served as the State Treasurer’s designee as Chairman of the State Retirement Board for a number of years. In addition to the administrative and legal work, I served on the transition team that implemented the prudent man rule for the investment program of the State and Teachers Retirement Systems that today is PRIM.

"I urge members of the State Retirement System to vote in the election. There are two candidates. Paul Shanley is second on the ballot, by random drawing. He is the only candidate with the experience and background in state pension fund management," says White.

"He is also a member of our legislative team which is fighting for improved pension COLA benefits and repeal of the crippling Social Security Windfall and Offset Laws."

"Association President Ralph White has established a standard of integrity and perseverance in representing you at both the PRIM Board and the State House. If elected, I intend to maintain and live up to the reputation that Ralph and our Association have fostered over the years. I, Paul Shanley, respectfully seek your vote."

Please return your ballot as instructed so that your vote will count. Your vote is important. It’s your pension fund. You need Paul Shanley, a war veteran and attorney fighting on your behalf.