Emergency Room Payments Remain at $25

MAY 2009: Retirees insured under the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC) and enrolled in the Medicare supplement plans  will not be subject to the new $75 radiology copayment that takes effect on July 1. In addition, GIC officials have opted to maintain the current emergency room copayments for Medicare retirees, instead of the new $75 copayment being charged to enrollees of the non Medicare insurance plans

In the May edition of the Voice, the Association incorrectly reported that the increased copayments applied to Medicare retirees enrolled under the OME Plan, Harvard Pilgrim and Tufts Compliment. While these changes were considered by the GIC, the 15-member Commission opted not to include the OME Plan in the new radiology copayment or higher ER copayment. Further information on the state’s new insurance rates and plan designs can be found on the GIC’s website.