Negotiations Intensify With October 1 Deadline Looming

SEPTEMBER 22, 2008: As September draws to a close, local interest, in joining the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC), has intensified. In several communities, PECs (Public Employee Committee) have been negotiating with local officials to reach an agreement by this October 1, the deadline for contacting the GIC that they will be joining the state health insurance program next July (2009).

Association officials have been working closely with our PEC designees who are now engaged in these negotiations. Among them are our designees in Braintree, Weymouth, Quincy, Melrose, Newburyport and Weston.


While the focus has been on joining the GIC, some communities are negotiating agreements that adopt a different approach, for example, participating in a municipal heath insurance pool and not the GIC. We also expect that after examining the pros and cons of joining the GIC, other communities will decide that their best option will be to maintain their current health plans.


Again, a decision must be made by October 1. We will be reporting on the outcome in the November Voice. If you are aware of any developments in your community (other than those listed above), please let us know.