Dear Members of the State Retirement System: You will shortly receive a ballot for a very important election at the State Retirement Board.

Theresa McGoldrick, who sits along with Ralph White as one of the two elected members on the State Retirement Board, is running for reelection for a new three-year term. Because elections are staggered, Theresa’s is the only election this year.

As an elected member of the Board, Theresa McGoldrick has worked very closely with our Association on legislation of great importance to public retirees – Legislation, such as an increase in the COLA base and maintaining the current level of health insurance benefits. Also, in Congress, relief from the current egregious Social Security WEP and Windfall laws.

Public retirees need Theresa McGoldrick to continue to work and lobby side-by-side with our Association. Our state and nation are undergoing a major fiscal crisis. It is crucial that you help Theresa retain her seat on the Board so that we can continue to effectively serve state retirees as well as all retirees.

Whatever the cause, Legislators and Congressmen must continue to realize that she represents you, the thousands of members in our Retirement System. In numbers there is strength and power.

When you receive your ballot please return it as instructed, or vote by email, an option that will be explained on your ballot.

Remember, Theresa McGoldrick incumbent, the first name on the ballot and first on behalf of you as a state retiree. Please vote.

Ralph White                                           Shawn Duhamel

President                                               Legislative Liaison

Retired State, County and Municipal

Employees Association of Massachusetts