Busy Election Year Ahead

Two Candidates Meet Members

Association leaders combined a membership meeting with a political rally at a brunch at the Radisson Hotel in Plymouth on June 25th.

The political side of the gathering of 250 members was in recognition of our Association's endorsement of Bill Keating, candidate for U.S. Representative of the 10th Congressional District, and Steve Grossman candidate for Treasurer and Receiver General of Massachusetts.

In introducing Keating, currently the outgoing District Attorney of Norfolk County, Association President Ralph White pointed out that when

Keating served as a state representative and senator from 1977 to 1998 he sponsored or co-sponsored a host of our Association's successful legislation.

"Bill has had a number of meetings with our Association's leadership, especially Shawn Duhamel (Legislative Liaison), and has made Social Security Windfall and Offset repeal a top priority," said White. Incumbant Tenth District Congressman Bill Delahunt is not seeking re-election this year.

Our Association's endorsement of Steve Grossman for Treasurer was announced earlier this year. "The State Treasurer is the gatekeeper of our pension funds and there is no constitutional office of greater importance to our members," said White. "If Steve is elected, he will be the chairman of the State Retirement Board, a member of the Teachers' Retirement Board and chairman of the PRIM Board which invests over $40 billion of state, teachers' and local retirement systems' pension funds.

"He knows the importance of our legislation and is quite willing to be an advocate on behalf of an improved COLA law. Steve Grossman has had a series of meetings with our leaders, has been carefully vetted, and is without any doubt the most qualified candidate for State Treasurer."