Was Legislative Chairman

We regret to announce the death of Association Legislative Chairman Bill Hill, who passed away at his home on August 24. His funeral took place on August 27. His death was due to a severe pulmonary condition, which he had battled over the pastyear.

A lifetime Revere resident, Hill, 78, was well-known in that community where he was the Superintendent of Schools prior to retiring 20 years ago. His earlier years as a teacher were interrupted when he was elected to the Legislature as a State Representative. He was also a Civil Service Commission Chairman, prior to returning to the Revere School System.

Hill became an active member of our Association some 20 years ago. He was elected Legislative Chairman immediately after the death of John Rossi, who had held that key position for 18 years. "Bill was an activist with us right from the start. When John died we were able to maintain continuity in that key office," said Association President Ralph White.
"Beyond being an educator, Bill was also a very political person, both in Revere and at the state level. There was no learning curve with him. He knew the value of maintaining political connections and utilized this value to the benefit of our Association," continued White. "He was also a Marine veteran of the Korean War, which due to my own background, cemented his faithful (Semper Fidelis) relationship with me."

Our Legislative Liaison, Shawn Duhamel, some 40 years younger than Hill, also was the beneficiary of his experience and knowledge. "Bill's historic memory and political know-how were invaluable. When I first joined the Association some 15 years ago, Bill immediately became a mentor to me," said Duhamel. "In adopting a strategy to advance a particular piece of legislation, we greatly relied on Bill. He will be sorely missed by our Association's leadership and by all members of our Association and network with whom he had contact."

Bill is survived by his wife Eleanor (Ellie), three sons, three daughters and 15 grandchildren. His funeral mass was celebrated at the Immaculate Conception Church in Revere.