Association Endorses Steve Grossman For State Treasurer

Association Endorses Steve Grossman For State Treasurer
Association Endorses Steve Grossman For State Treasurer

Our Association Executive Board has announced the unanimous vote of endorsement on behalf of Steve Grossman for the office of Treasurer of the Commonwealth, both in September's Democratic Primary Election and in the November General Election.

Formally known as the Office of Treasurer/Receiver General, this office oversees a number of vital state agencies. Of primary importance to our members is the State Retirement Board, of which the Treasurer is the chairman, and the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board, which the Treasurer also chairs. The PRIM Board is responsible for the investment of the state and teachers pension funds as well as the majority of the pension funds of local retirement systems. The treasurer also holds membership on the Teachers' Retirement Board.

"Our Association's executive board had a number of meetings with Steve Grossman over the past month, during which he impressed us with his knowledge of Massachusetts' public retirement laws and the role of State Treasurer," says Association President Ralph White.

"Most importantly, Steve understands the need for continued, guaranteed COLAs, and on a higher base. He intends to be an activist at the State House on our behalf as we seek reasonable benefits for retirees and survivors."

Both Shawn Duhamel and Bill Rehrey, our legislative liaison and executive vice president, spent a great amount of time vetting the background of Mr. Grossman and interviewing his key staff members. "We feel very certain that Steve is the right person to be the next state treasurer, both for the benefit of the Commonwealth and the public sector which is responsible to serve the citizens of our state," said Duhamel. "We are looking forward to working with the Steve Grossman team in seeking his election and later as State Treasurer."

"There is no incumbent for the office of the Treasurer in this fall's election. We anticipate a very spirited race and intend to be at the forefront on behalf of our candidate," added Bill Rehrey. "There's a lot at stake in this election, and we haven't even talked about the Lottery and School Building Authority, among the agencies the Treasurer heads. But as time goes on, we will remind our members of the broad spectrum of issues with which the new Treasurer will be involved.

Statement From Steve Grossman to Association Members

Steve Grossman: Democrat for Treasurer 

I am running for Treasurer because Massachusetts is in financial crisis. I have devoted a lifetime of leadership creating jobs, meeting payrolls, managing money, solving problems, and dealing with crises. I am convinced that during this time of extraordinary financial uncertainty, I can provide the leadership and creative ideas to help get Massachusetts workers back on the job. 

I will be an activist Treasurer - and my focus will be on creating jobs and rebuilding our economy. We cannot cut our way out of this crisis and have any hope of preserving the quality of life in the Commonwealth. We must solve the crisis with economic growth.

As Treasurer, I will manage the state's pension funds responsibly and efficiently to ensure that retirees receive the benefits they have earned. Your members are people who have devoted their careers to public service and they can be assured that they will have no better friend on Beacon Hill than me.

A cornerstone of my program as Treasurer will be the creation of a Massachusetts Jobs Fund. Using funds that have been set aside for investing in Massachusetts, I will provide money for loans and investment in the small businesses that are the Commonwealth's chief engine of growth. Moreover, I will challenge the banks that make millions doing business with the state to provide matching money so that the Jobs Fund will be able to make a serious impact on our economy.

For more information on Steve's campaign and his positions on key issues, please visit the campaign website: