JUNE 24, 2008: It does not appear that the House and Senate State Budget Conference Committee will release its FY09 state budget report this week. As members are aware, the fate of an increase to the COLA base now rests with the six-member Conference Committee and the Legislative Leadership.

With the FY09 Budget set to begin on July 1, the House and Senate passed a temporary two-week budget this week to fund state services through July 15. Given the time constraints, in all probability the House and Senate will vote enactment within a day or two of receiving the report. It will be a straight up or down vote for acceptance of the entire Conference Committee report as a package, with no amendments allowed from the floor.

Association officials continue to heavily lobby Legislative Leaders in an effort to make the true facts surrounding the COLA known. In keeping with our previous reports contained on our website, please keep your emails and phone calls to the state Legislature coming. They are effective and could be the deciding factor in our efforts to win a $16,000 COLA Base. Also, check our toll-free recorded hotline (1-800-368-8778) this Friday afternoon.