December 2, 2007: The Joint Committee on Public Service has completed its formal hearing process for the year. All 18 Association bills have now had a public hearing and are awaiting further action at various stages within the legislative process.

Legislation that will raise the COLA base to a $16,000 level (S2234) and adjust the pensions of those retiring under Option C prior to July 1, 2004 are now before the Senate Committee on Ways and Means. Lowell Senator Steven Panagiotakos chairs the Ways and Means Committee.

At this time, the Legislature is meeting twice weekly in informal sessions and will reconvene with formal sessions in early January. While the current session runs until January 2009, the Legislature completes its formal sessions in July.  

In the January edition of the Voice, Association officials outline which bills have been given priority status for the coming months. Members should receive the newsletter during the week of December 17.