Update: Tax Relief Effort In North Carolina

- Two years ago, we first reported on Association member Charles
Peckham and his work down in North Carolina, where he had moved after
retiring from Blackstone Valley Regional Vocational School. Peckham and
other members, in that state, were pushing passage of legislation that
would exclude public pensions, from Massachusetts and other states,
from North Carolina tax.

"We thank the
Association for its support these past two years," states Peckham.
"Unfortunately, our efforts since 1999 with the North Carolina
legislature (1999-2001) have been unsuccessful."

the coalition, which Peckham helped to create (Coalition of Public
Retirees Seeking Tax Equity), is considering an alternative strategy
for relief. "We are examining whether to take our cause to the North
Carolina courts," reports Peckham.

we know from our efforts to exempt the pensions of non-contributory
members (veterans who worked prior to 7/39), it's extremely difficult
to obtain tax exemptions in any state," comments Association
Legislative Chairman Bill Hill. "We applaud Charlie and our other
members in North Carolina and, in the same spirit exemplified by their
work, I assure our non-contrib members that we will continue to push
our tax relief bill for them (H380) here in Mass."

[Editor's Note:
At press time, the Mass Department of Revenue had not yet finalized the
details in connection with the Mass "circuit breaker" law. Beginning in
2002, the circuit breaker will provide a credit or refund on real
estate taxes to eligible homeowners and renters in this state. For more
background information, see the January and March 2001 Voice.]