Subscription Service for Active Public Employees Begins

Subscription Service for Active Public Employees Begins
The Voice: September 2019 Edition

Important Retirement Information for Public Employees

Mass Retirees has launched a one-of-a-kind Subscription Service for active public employees nearing retirement age. 

Ratified by Association members at our Annual Meeting earlier this month, the Subscription Service is designed to educate and inform active workers about public retirement, healthcare and Social Security in easy to understand terms.

With the goal of helping retirement-eligible active public employees stay informed as they near retirement age, the program allows employees to receive news and other retirement related information from Mass Retirees. The $25 one-year subscription includes all six bi-monthly editions of our award-winning newsletter, The Voice, along with access to digital news and our weekly recorded hotline news updates. This year the Association also began an ongoing video series, whereby members receive recorded updates on retirement related issues each Friday by email.

Active employees, click here to become a Mass Retirees Subscriber today!

“We are regularly contacted by active employees seeking news and information regarding their public retirement, health insurance and Social Security. And I frequently hear that our newsletter is actively passed around the teachers’ lounge, office, firehouse or police station. Like public retirees, active workers know that they can count on Mass Retirees for accurate, detailed and timely information about their retirement and pension benefits,” explains Association President Frank Valeri, himself a state retiree and an elected member of the State Retirement Board.

“The Mass Retirees’ Voice is an excellent way for active employees to stay informed as they near retirement. There is no other resource that can keep you as informed about public retirement than our newsletter. It really is the “bible” for Massachusetts public retirement.”

For just $25 a year, the Subscription covers the cost of producing and dispersing The Voice, along with digital media communications. 

Retirees, who are full Association members, receive additional benefits from the Association including legislative advocacy, services (such as assistance with medical billing claims), area meetings and discount benefits.

“We need to be clear that what we are now offering active public employees is a news subscription. Mass Retirees does not and cannot advocate for active employees. We’re not involved in collective bargaining or issues pertaining to active employment. Employees who have concerns or questions regarding their job should contact their union,” says Mass Retirees CEO Shawn Duhamel. “We do work very closely with the public employee unions on all issues relating to public retirement, but we are not involved in collective bargaining, personnel issues  or issues outside our area of expertise, which is strictly focused on retirement. 

“I receive nearly as many calls from active employees seeking information about their retirement or Social Security, as I do from retirees. Mass Retirees prides itself in being a reliable resource for retirement information. The new Subscription Service ensures that workers are getting the information they need to make informed choices and plan for their retirement.”

Mass Retirees members are encouraged to share information on our new Subscription Service with friends and relatives working as active public workers in Massachusetts. 

Active employees, click here to become a Mass Retirees Subscriber today!