Member Management System Launched

NOVEMBER 28, 2011: For the convenience of our members, the Association is pleased to now offer the option for members to renew their annual Association dues online through a secure website portal. Members wishing to utilize this new feature should click here to proceed.

The “Online Member Management System” was developed at the request of members, who sought the option of renewing their membership dues over the Internet. This system does not replace traditional dues payment methods, a system which most retirees still chose to utilize.

“Last year, we heard from quite a few members who asked for this new option to pay dues online. With an increasing number of members no longer writing paper checks, it made sense for us to offer this new service as part of our redesigned website,” said Association Office Manager Nancy Delaney. “ In 2012, we plan to expand this service to offer the option of making PAC contributions online, as well as allowing new members to join with us via the Internet.”

Only Association members can access the Online Member Management System. Instructions on how to do so, along with member’s access code can be found on the 2012 Dues Renewal form. The System ID Number can be found on your Dues Nenewal form, just above your name. A sample form with sample ID# is shown on the welcome page of the Online Member Management System.

“I should also point out that the secure online transaction is handled through the bank. Association staff do not have access to any member’s credit card information, nor is that information retained by the Association. Everything is handled through the bank’s secure systems,” explained Delaney. "We hope this makes it easier for members to pay their dues."