Mailing Dates For 2006 State And Teacher Pension Checks Announced

- State Treasurer Tim Cahill has announced the mailing dates of State
Retirement Board and Teachers' pension checks for the calendar year

For those members who use the
Treasurer's New England Automated Clearing House for direct deposit,
those dates are also included.

you are receiving your pension check from either the State or Teachers'
Board, please remember that you must notify your respective board of
any address or deposit change by the 15th of the month in which the
change is to be made. If the board is notified after the 15th, then the
change will not be made until the following month.

encourage all our members to use the direct bank deposit system if
their retirement board offers it. If you're worried about theft or
frequently change your address, direct deposit, which is generally
considered safer than the mail, may be the best method for receiving
your pension. In fact, most members do use direct deposit.