HEALTH EXCHANGE KICKOFF: No Impact On Current Insurance Plans

OCTOBER 1, 2013: Today marks the nationwide kickoff of the new health insurance exchanges, the main component of the federal Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly called Obamacare. Between now and December 15, individuals can sign up for one of the health insurance plans being offered through their state’s exchange, with insurance coverage

Here, the Mass Health Connector, the agency created in 2006 under this state’s landmark legislation calling for universal health insurance coverage, is the federally compliant health insurance exchange. It’s noteworthy that currently 98% of adults and almost 100% of children are insured in Massachusetts.

Hearing and reading about these exchanges, members would naturally wonder: What do I have to do? The simple answer: nothing.

The new federal healthcare law does not require anyone to switch insurance plans or change their existing health insurance coverage. In fact, the healthcare exchanges have no impact on our public retiree health insurance plans.

“Like the Mass. Healthcare Connector, the Exchanges are simply a way for individuals, many of who have no health insurance, to enroll in a private insurance plan. This has no impact on the GIC or our locally run health plans,” explains the Association’s Shawn Duhamel. “During the debate and since the passage of Obamacare in 2010, we’ve worked closely with Blue Cross, the GIC, Fallon and our other health plans to ensure our members are protected and fully informed of the facts.”

Members can find more in-depth information on Obamacare in the upcoming November edition to the Voice.