OME Rates Clarified

APRIL 18, 2012: For the overwhelming majority of Medicare eligible retirees insured through the state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC), the insurance plan of choice has long been the Optional Medicare Extension (OME) Plan run by UniCare. Typically, most OME subscribers also include CIC coverage with their basic plan.

In our May 2012 edition of the Voice, we inadvertently excluded the cost of CIC coverage from the OME rates for state retirees and survivors. CIC, which stands for Catastrophic Illness Coverage, costs an additional $10.66 per month.

This means the full monthly OME premium for State Retirees, including CIC coverage and the $5,000 basic life insurance is: $47.39 (90/10), $65.76 (85/15) and $84.12 (80/20).

State Survivors (excluding Basic Life Insurance): $46.76 (90/10).

CIC is an option retiree-pay-all part of the UniCare State Indemnity Plan (OME & Basic). It increases coverage under the plans to 100% in most cases. Enrollees, who do not opt for CIC coverage, receive only 80% coverage for most services, as well as pay higher deductibles. The Association strongly recommends that members opt for the additional coverage, which again is just $10.66 per month.