GIC To Announce Insurance Premiums Thursday

GIC To Announce Insurance Premiums Thursday

No Major Increases or Changes Expected

FEBRUARY 21, 2018: The state’s Group Insurance Commission (GIC) is scheduled to meet this Thursday to set health, life and dental insurance premiums for FY19, which begins on July 1.

On average premium insurances are anticipated to increase less than 2% across the six health insurance providers offered by the GIC. Those providers are Fallon, Harvard Pilgrim, Health New England, Neighborhood Health Plan, Tufts and UniCare.

Two weeks ago, the 17-member Commission voted to hold steady on most out-of-pocket costs, while decreasing certain copayments. For instance, the Tier 3 Specialist copayment will decrease $15 – from $90 to $75. 

Mass Retirees and union leaders have called upon the GIC to freeze out-of-pocket costs and premium increases.

Following tomorrow’s meeting, the GIC will hold a series of statewide health fairs throughout the month of April. The fairs coincide with the GIC’s annual open enrollment period, during which retirees and employees are allowed to change health plans or enroll in the dental insurance program.

Click here for the GIC’s Health Fair Calendar.

The GIC’s retiree dental program is a voluntary retiree-pay-all insurance plan that now insures some 50,000 enrollees and their families. Mass Retirees helped create the unique program back in 2002, prior to which retirees had no dental benefits at all. In fact, across the country it is rare for public or private sector retirees to have any type of dental benefits available at an affordable cost from their former employer.

Mass Retirees will be present at Thursday morning’s GIC meeting, which is scheduled to begin at 8:30am. We will report further information as it becomes available.