WEP/GPO Repeal Supported By Majority Of Congressmen

- Before Congress returns from its summer recess, the call had gone out
to those senators and representatives, who had yet to sponsor WEP
(Windfall Elimination Provision) and GPO (Government Pension Offset)
repeal legislation, to get on board and become a co-sponsor.

a member of CARE - the national coalition to eliminate these unfair
provisions within the Social Security law - we must seize the
opportunity presented to us at this critical juncture," states
Legislative Chairman Bill Hill.

no other time has there been a majority of congressmen signed onto a
bill (HR 495) that would repeal both the WEP and GPO," reports Hill.
"There are 250, out of 435, representatives sponsoring HR 495 in the
first six months of this (108th) session, compared to just 186 sponsors
of similar legislation during the entire two years of the last (107th)

It is noteworthy that all
of the Massachusetts delegation have sponsored HR 495, which was
introduced by California Rep. "Buck" McKeon. Both Senators Kennedy and
Kerry have signed onto a companion repeal bill by Senator Feinstein, S

According to Hill, "What is
somewhat disappointing is the relatively small number of congressmen
from Florida who support HR 495 - only 8 out of a total of 25. As part
of the coalition's grassroots effort, we have called upon our Florida
members residing in those 17 congressional districts to urge their
representative to sponsor the repeal bill."

(Editor's Note: Both Florida Senators Graham and Nelson had yet to sign onto Senator Feinstein's bill, S 349, when we went to press.)