JUNE 11, 2013: Support for the recently filed H.R. 1795 has grown to 61 cosponsors over the five week period since the bill was first introduced.

Sponsored by Republican Congressman Rodney Davis of Illinois and Democrat Adam Schiff of California, H.R. 1795 aims to fully repeal both the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) and Government Pension Offset (GPO).

To date, four of the nine Massachusetts Congressional members have signed on. They include: Keating, Tsongas, Tierney and McGovern. Association officials have been assured by the remaining five Mass. Congressmen that they intend to sign on to H.R. 1795 this month.

The bill has received strong support from all six New England states, as well as those states most impacted by the two offset laws.

While 118 votes are needed to move a bill beyond Committee, H.R. 1795 is not expected to be acted upon in the abstract – without being part of a larger legislative effort to reform the larger Social Security program as a whole. Talks surrounding a larger reform effort continue between House and Senate leaders, along with the White House.

Association officials also continue to work closely with retirement leaders in other states, as well as our national coalition partners, in an effort to keep the issue of WEP/GPO reform on the Washington agenda.

“We also continue to work with Senator Warren and her staff on this issue,” said Association Executive VP Bill Rehrey, who spoke with Warren on the issue earlier this spring. “For Constitutional reasons, bills impacting the Social Security system must originate in the House, therefore the onus is on the House Leadership to act first.”