Mandatory Soc. Sec. Update

JANUARY 2000 - AARP Challenges Our Position - Perhaps
the old refrain, "just when you think it's safe," aptly describes
recent developments on mandatory Social Security for newly hired public
employees. "We know that we can't let down our guard on this issue, as
long as a comprehensive bill on Social Security has not been signed
into law," states Legislative Chairman Bill Hill.

just another example why we must remain vigilant. According to the
Coalition to Preserve Retirement Security (CPRS), the American
Association of Retired Persons (AARP) is planning to conduct a $60,000
study to investigate the accuracy of claims that mandated Social
Security will result in higher state and local taxes.

study will also examine what it calls "non-federal public pension
plans" and what has happened to "state government surpluses and their
pension plans" during the '90s.

to CPRS, AARP's study is clearly aimed at discrediting a report by The
Segal Company. That report demonstrated the enormous cost of mandated
Social Security upon affected states, including Massachusetts.

a year ago, we had to take AARP to task for its position favoring
mandatory Social Security (November 1998 Voice)," recalls the
Association's Bill Rehrey. "What makes this stubborn adherence to this
unsound position even more perplexing is the fact that AARP's president
(Joseph S. Perkins) lives in Peabody.

AARP board director (Virginia L. Tierney) is from Quincy. They should
realize what a fiscal disaster mandated Social Security would be for
their cities and the Commonwealth."