Scibak Will Be Guest Speaker

OCTOBER 7, 2011: The Mass. Association of Contributory Retirement Systems (MACRS) will hold its fall conference this
October 16-19 at the Sheraton Springfield Hotel.

Officials and staff of our state's 105 retirement boards representing all of the Commonwealth's retirement systems will tackle an agenda that is headed by "Pension Reform" the Governor's top priority bill (S2018) which is expected to be enacted by the Legislature within the next month.

The key invited speaker of the conference, Representative John Scibak, House Chairman of the Legislature's Joint Public Service Committee will be present to share his views and insight of the Pension Reform Bill which his Committee vetted and released to the Senate last month. The bill was passed by the Senate on September 15 and is currently under study by the House Ways and Means Committee, which will shortly release the measure to the House for action.

Regarded as landmark legislation, "Pension Reform", if passed in its present form, would create a major change in our retirement formula and benefits for new public employees who become members of our retirement systems beginning next January.
Representative Scibak's presentation will serve as a segue into the MACRS Legislative Committee's report, a feature presentation of the conference.

MACRS member Ralph White chairs the Legislative Committee of which our Association's Shawn Duhamel is vice chairman. MACRS President Denis Devine of Woburn will preside over the conference. As president, Devine is an ex officio member and participant of every committee, including the Legislative Committee of which he has been very  active in opposing the proposed new retirement formula.