Reelect Frank Valeri to the State Retirement Board

Reelect Frank Valeri to the State Retirement Board

OCTOBER 16, 2019: An election is now underway for state retirees and active employees to elect one of two representatives to the State Retirement Board. Mass Retirees President Frank Valeri is seeking reelection to a 2nd term on the State Board.

Valeri, a 38-year state employee, retired in December 2013 from the Public Employee Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC). He was first elected to the State Retirement Board in 2016, succeeding former Mass Retirees President Ralph White. With his extensive background in public retirement law and policy, Valeri is uniquely suited to continue to serve on the Board.

“I still closely follow what’s happening at the State Retirement Board and am impressed by Frank’s advocacy on behalf of retirees and active employees. He continues to be focused on cutting down the wait times for processing service buyback applications, as well as for new retirees to receive their first pension check,” says White, who served as an elected board member for twenty years. “And when it comes to the retirees’ COLA, Frank has picked up where I left off. He’s leading the charge to bring about an enhanced COLA benefit for long-term retirees. Frank Valeri has earned my vote for his reelection.”

“The three areas I hear the most about are related to the COLA for long-term retirees, as well as delays in processing buyback applications and the length of time it takes for new retirees to receive their first check. I take the concerns of members very seriously, particularly when I hear reports of retirees struggling to make ends meet,” explains Valeri. “This is very much the case when it comes to our long-term retirees, who retired with salaries far more modest than those paid today, which resulted in modest pension benefits when compared to the amounts being paid today. We’re working on a proposal to give our long-term retirees a boost.

“I am also concerned about the length of time it takes to issue the first pension checks to new retirees. Unless it’s an extraordinary circumstance, no retiree should be forced to wait more than a month or two to be paid. Reports of new retirees waiting three or four months to be paid are not acceptable. I continue to work closely with Treasurer Deb Goldberg and our retirement board staff to address these issues. A lot of progress has been made, but more can and should be done.”

“I am running for reelection as a member of the State Retirement Board to see that these issues are addressed and to continue to serve all retirees and employees. If you are a state retiree or employee, I humbly ask for your vote when you receive your election ballot in October.”