Theresa McGoldrick

Theresa McGoldrick, without opposition, has been re-elected to a 4th three-year term on the State Retirement Board.

McGoldrick serves as one of the State Board’s two elected members along with Ralph White. State Treasurer Steve Grossman is the Board’s chairman, retiree Pat Deal is an appointed member and SEIU Local 509 Political Director, Chris Condon the fifth member is elected by the other Board members. Nick Favorito is the Board’s Director.

McGoldrick, a Watertown resident, is the daughter of retired Middlesex Treasurer Jim Fahey. She is an attorney with the DOR, Division of Child Support Enforcement and President of NAGE Unit 6 – Local 207. “Theresa has been a true advocate for members of our Retirement System,” said fellow Board member Ralph White.

“We (Board) make major decisions every month that impact the lives of employees, retirees and survivors. When Angelo Amato (longtime Board member) left and Theresa was elected, the voters couldn’t have made a better choice. Theresa is everything and more than a dedicated Board member should be. She also serves on the Commonwealth’s $50 billion Pension Reserves Investment Management Board and is raising two young children – quite a chore with thankful help from her husband and father.”

Labor Advocate

McGoldrick, a staunch labor and retiree advocate, is active in an organization, ‘Working Massachusetts’, which is a coalition of labor organizations representing thousands of public service workers in Massachusetts. Working Massachusetts is presently made up of 17 public sector labor groups and growing each month.

The goal is to educate the public about the positive impact public sector workers have on the lives of all the Commonwealth’s residents and to improve public opinion of our members.

The people Working Massachusetts represents include a wide variety of jobs… healthcare, public safety, state and municipal government, education, and more… and the all contribute immensely to our communities.

Working Massachusetts is a relatively new organization with which our Association intends to play an active role. Theresa McGoldrick has encouraged our participation.