Mass Retirees Endorses Theresa McGoldrick

Mass Retirees Endorses Theresa McGoldrick
Theresa McGoldrick

For Reelection to State Retirement Board

State Retirees and active employees should be aware that an election is now underway for one of two seats on the State Board of Retirement. These elected officials are your representatives on the five-member Board.

As members know, Mass Retirees President Frank Valeri currently serves as one of the two elected members on the State Retirement Board. His term will end December 2019.

Theresa McGoldrick, president of SEIU/NAGE Unit 6, Local 207, is the second elected Board member whose term expires this April. An election is currently underway in connection with this second seat.

According to Valeri, “Ballots are out for this election and members have been contacting our offices and inquiring who we support. Our immediate response is that we wholeheartedly endorse the re-election of Theresa McGoldrick. 

“Even before she began her Board service in ’04, Theresa has long been recognized by this Association as a strong advocate for state retirees and their families. And during my years on the Board, I’ve been able to work closely with her on myriad retirement issues and know firsthand that she’ll be there with us, supporting what is in the best interests of state retirees and employees.

“Therefore, please give every consideration to casting you vote for Theresa McGoldrick who appears as Number 2 on the Ballot with the designation (Incumbent). I need Theresa with me, continuing our fight for what is right.”