Richard Liston

Seven-Member Board Now Complete

FEBRUARY 29, 2012: Richard Liston, a retired Everett special education teacher has been named to fill an opening as the seventh member of the Teachers’ Retirement Board, the Commonwealth’s only seven-member Board.

Liston was voted to that seat for a four-year term by the first six members of the Board after interviewing five finalists over the past month. The seat had been previously held by Linda Ruberto, a retired Pittsfield teacher, who declined a new term after 20 years on the Board.

An Everett native, Liston has spent his entire life in that city where he and his wife Cheryl raised three boys, all products of the Everett School System. He taught 40-years as a middle school special education teacher.
Since retiring, he has continued to work on a limited basis as a paraprofessional in a pre-school program for three-year olds.

“It’s a very extensive program as part of the Everett education policy. It’s free to all children of the city,” Liston explained. “I love working with the teachers and the youngsters,” he said.

President of the Everett Teachers’ Association for 27 years, Liston has been an activist with the Mass. Teachers’ Association of which he is on the MTA Board of Directors where he represents retirees. He also co- chairs the MTA Retired Members Committee and works very closely with JoAnn Fitzgerald who heads the MTA retirees program.

Fitzgerald was one of the MTA activists within the coalition of employee and retiree leaders, which fought to modify the extreme provisions in last year’s health insurance reform legislation.

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