Theresa McGoldrick


Retired state employees who are members will shortly receive a ballot for a very important election. As you know the State Retirement Board has two elected members who serve on staggered three-year terms – Ralph White and Theresa McGoldrick

“Theresa’s term is now expiring and she is seeking a new three-year term. Theresa and I have worked as a team on your behalf since early this century. We have the same values, which include you as a retiree first on our list. Improved pension COLAs, affordable health insurance and survivor protection are three of our top priorities,” said White.

Protecting our defined benefit fund against those who would reduce our benefit or eliminate our annual COLAs, small as they may be, required constant vigilance. You know the media have never been on our side, constantly attacking the unfunded liability of our retirement system – the same system that just last month received a Public Pensions award for Funding and Administration. The award was presented by the Public Pensions Coordination Council, a national federation of state and teacher retirement systems.

Massachusetts has a new retirement board chairman, Deb Goldberg, who succeeded Steve Grossman as State Treasurer. By statute the Treasurer is the Board’s chairman. As chairman, Steve did an excellent job, as the National Council award attests.

“Deb, our new chairman, has hit the ground running and chaired her first meeting this January. Both Theresa and I will be working closely with Deb and her staff. She has made our pension system her top priority,” said White. “Theresa and I also worked with Deb on her campaign. She has met with large numbers of retirees at our meetings and knows firsthand that public retirees are a powerful political group,” White said.

There are six candidates on the ballot you will receive. There was a draw for placement. Theresa McGoldrick is the fifth name, with an “I” for incumbent next to her name. *Included on the ballot will also be a brief biography of each candidate.

The instructions are enclosed with the ballot that provides for an envelope, which you will return with the ballot. You will also have the option of voting by email, instructions for which you will also receive. 

“We do hope you will take the time to vote in this election. Remember the name Theresa McGoldrick. We do need to keep out team intact. I most sincerely ask for your help.”

Blessings to all members,

Ralph White, Elected Member
State Board of Retirement