Remember: Apply for Fuel Assistance Before April 30

2007 MAR - Last year some 143,000 households obtained assistance with their home fuel bills, according to officials that administer the state’s Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program or LIHEAP. “From calls that we received here in the office, members were among that number,” comments Association Office Manager Nancy Delaney.“If you want to apply this year (for heating bills from November 2006 through April 2007), remember that you must do so before April 30. Applications should be filed with the local LIHEAP agency in your area.”

Members can call the phone numbers or visit the website, listed
here, for more information on their local LIHEAP. More importantly,
your gross income cannot exceed $19,600 ($26,400 for a couple) in order
to be eligible for any benefits.

Gross income includes not only your pension and social security
but also interest, dividends and other retirement income. As you can
see from the chart below, the amount of assistance increases as one’s
income falls below the $19,600 cap, from a minimum of $465 for income
over $17,150 ($23,100 for a couple) to a maximum of $687 for incomes
under $9,800 ($13,200 for a couple).

If you are eligible, payments will be made directly to your
heating supplier (for example, oil, propane, wood or coal dealer, or
gas or electric utility). There are special provisions for renters
whose heating expenses are included in their rent, as well as those
living in subsidized housing.

You can learn about these special provisions or other weatherization programs, when you phone or visit the website.