Fuel Aid Reminder

MARCH 2002
- Deadline: April 30 - Don't forget you must apply before April 30, under the state's fuel
assistance program known as Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program,

Individuals, whose gross
annual income is $17,180 or less, and couples at $23,220 or less, are
eligible. At presstime, fuel assistance benefits range from $285 to
$595 according to income.

addition to fuel assistance, there are programs to assist with sewer
and water bills, home weatherization and heating system repair and
replacement. Eligible individuals and couples may also receive help
with their telephone and electric bills.

time runs out, please contact the state's Bureau of Energy Programs'
toll free Heatline at 1-800-632-8175 for more information, as well as
the name and address of the local energy assistance agency closest to