Trimarco Named To Governor's Top Job

SEPTEMBER 2005 - Former Malone Deputy - Governor Mitt Romney has named Tom Trimarco, 66, as his Secretary of Administration and Finance, the most powerful post in the Governor's office.

Trimarco, 66, replaced Eric Kriss who is returning to the private sector. Trimarco, a chief deputy of former State Treasurer Joe Malone, has been serving on Springfield's Finance Control Board, which the state established as a condition of a $52 million state loan to the troubled city. See related article.

Under Malone, Trimarco had chaired both the State Retirement Board and the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board. A Republican activist, he had once run for Congress to represent the sixth congressional district.

Kriss had earlier worked at Bain and Company, which Romney founded in 1984. Kriss later founded several companies of his own. As Romney's budget boss, he had a frosty relationship with the public sector.

"Trimarco has a gregarious personality, but can be tough," said Association President Ralph White. "When he worked for Malone, agree or disagree, he always had an open door. That in itself will be a welcome change."