2007 JULY - Rubin Had Been Deputy Treasurer - Shortly after going to press with the May edition of the Voice, Governor Deval Patrick shuffled the deck in his inner circle by replacing Joan Wallace-Benjamin with Doug Rubin as his chief of staff.
Rubin, who had been the new governor’s top political advisor during the 2006 campaign, previously served as the state’s first deputy treasurer from 2003-2006. As the first assistant to Treasurer Tim Cahill, Rubin worked closely with the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board and the State Retirement Board.

<*><*>During his tenure as deputy treasurer, Rubin developed a solid
reputation for his even-handed demeanor and savvy political skills.<*>“Our Association worked closely with Doug during his time with the
treasurer. He has a good understanding of our pension systems and of
the issues our members face,” said Association President Ralph White,
who, as a PRIM Board member, worked directly with Rubin on a number of
issues. “Doug is a very unassuming guy, who is considered a real pro.
The governor was wise to bring him into the State House to run the
day-to-day operations of the corner office.” <*>At the close of last year’s campaign, Rubin, who is a Natick native,
chose to remain in the private sector and build his private consulting
business. After successfully shepherding Cahill’s 2002 campaign for
Treasurer and Patrick’s landslide victory last fall, Rubin is one of
the highest regarded and most sought after political consultants in the
state.<*>Following three months of rookie mistakes and missteps, Patrick called
upon Rubin to formally rejoin his team as chief of staff, replacing
Joan Wallace-Benjamin.<*>For the Association, Rubin’s addition to Patrick’s inner circle
represents yet another key aide with prior experience in dealing with
public retirement issues. Lt. Governor Tim Murray, Administration and
Finance Secretary Leslie Kirwan, Director of Governmental Affairs Mike
Morris, Assistant Director Evan Dube and several other key aides have a
long history of working directly with the Association on issues of
importance to public retirees.