Romney Rebuked In State Elections

- Voters Reject Negative Campaign - Republicans may have been celebrating their party's national
victories on November 2, but here in Massachusetts there was far less
rejoicing for the GOP. Unlike the US Senate and House, where the
Republicans gained greater control, the overwhelmingly Democratic
General Court increased its lock on state legislative seats.

taking office in January 2003, Governor Mitt Romney has called for the
Legislature to enact a series of so-called "reforms", many of which
this Association has opposed. Legislative leaders have also disagreed
with most of Romney's "reform" proposals.

an attempt to "take on" the Legislature, Romney personally recruited
over 130 Republican candidates. He then embarked on an aggressive, and
some would argue negative, campaign to unseat incumbent Democrat

Those members, who live
in districts targeted by Romney, likely received direct mail
propaganda, attacking their incumbent Senator or Representative.
Seasoned political observers were surprised by the overly negative tone
of the attacks, which often contained baseless accusations distorting
candidates' records.

"From the first
day he took office, Romney has been determined to pass his agenda. He
and his administration have been unwilling to communicate or compromise
with those who see things differently," said Association President
Ralph White. "It was the governor's goal to bring in his own
candidates, people who supported his agenda, and force the so-called
reforms to happen.

"In every single
instance, the Massachusetts voters rejected Romney's puppet candidates.
He ran one of the nastiest campaigns in state history and made no
secret of the changes he wanted to make. Looking at the election
results, it is obvious that the people do not support this extreme

"Members are well aware
that we are not shy about politics. This year, with so many of our
allies under attack, we felt the need to come out strong against what
Romney was trying to do," explained Association Legislative Liaison
Shawn Duhamel. "We supported Democrats and Republicans alike in this
election, all of whom won decisively. What we opposed was Romney, who
has vetoed our bills and is trying to degrade retiree benefits."

officers are hopeful that the governor will have understood the message
sent by voters in November. "The governor has treated public retirees
and their families in a very hostile and arrogant manner. We are always
willing to work with people of opposing views, but it is up to the
governor to change his way of doing business," continued White. "If
not, only two short years remain until the next election."