Patrick Makes Two Key Appointments

2007 MAR - Among the many appointments that our new governor, Deval Patrick, has made there are two that are of special importance to our Association.

Leslie Kirwan, the Governor’s choice to head the Executive Office of
Administration and Finance, fills the Patrick administration’s most
significant and powerful post - budget director.

Because of the
importance of this post, Kirwan was actually named a full month prior
to Patrick taking office. At that point, she became fully involved in
the FY ’08 state budget, effective this July, which the Governor was
required to file by February 28.

Prior to her new job, Kirwan was
director of administration and finance and secretary-treasurer of the
Massachusetts Port Authority, a position she held since 1999. In that
role she was also the ex officio member of the MassPort Retirement

Kirwan, 49, began her professional career at the Mass.
Department of Revenue. Moving up the ladder, in 1991 she became deputy
commissioner for the Division of Local Services.

Under the Weld
administration, she served as undersecretary and chief of staff of the
Executive Office of Administration and Finance, before going to
MassPort. Her previous experience at A&F has enabled her to hit the
ground running.

“Leslie Kirwan is no stranger to us,” said
Association Legislative Liaison Shawn Duhamel. “She knows where we are
coming from and will be responsible for putting a cost figure on
legislation going to the governor for signing. Unlike the previous
administration, which brought a budget director from the private
sector, she will require no learning curve when it comes to pension

“Kirwan will also represent Governor Patrick on the
Commonwealth’s Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board.
Again, we have a person who is very familiar with the key role that
PRIM plays in the investment of our pension funds.”

A second
significant appointment of the new governor was that of director of
government affairs which went to Michael Morris of Quincy.

held the same job for State Treasurer Tim Cahill for the past four
years. The transition to the governor’s office opens up a much wider
spectrum of legislation for which he and his staff will be expected to
monitor and, in many cases, work with the Legislature on the governor’s
own legislation.

Prior to coming to the State House with Cahill,
Morris was the Deputy Superintendent of Administration and Finance at
the Norfolk County Sheriff’s Office.“Mike Morris is another case of
Governor Patrick recognizing that there are talented people within the
ranks of government rather than going outside for almost all key
appointments, which was done by the previous governor,” said
Association President Ralph White. “There is no substitute for