Linda Ruberto: Stalwart Member Of Teachers

MAY 2004
- Members of the Teachers’ Retirement Board have unanimously voted to
reappoint Linda M. Ruberto to her fourth term on the Board.

Teachers’ Board is unique among the Commonwealth’s 106 retirement
boards. It is the only seven-member board; all others are five-member
boards. Also, it is the only board with four (not three) year terms.

election, or appointment as it is officially known, was voted upon by
the first six members of the board. These members are: David Driscoll
(chairman), Commissioner of Education; Tim Cahill, State Treasurer; Joe
DeNucci, State Auditor; Ellen Hargraves, governor’s appointee; George
McSherry, elected by members of the system, and John “Jay” Dow, elected
by members of the system.

Ruberto, a
science teacher in the Pittsfield public schools, is the wife of the
late Anthony Ruberto, a judge of the Northern Berkshire County Court.
Mr. Ruberto was also the Berkshire County District Attorney prior to
being named a judge. Linda Ruberto is the sister-in-law of Pittsfield
Mayor Jim Ruberto, who was elected last November.

Dow, a retired Marblehead teacher, is the senior member of the
Teachers’ Board. He was first elected in 1975, and has been reelected
every four years since. Dow says that the Board members think very
highly of Ruberto.

“Linda treks the
150 miles from Pittsfield for every Board meeting rain or snow,” says
Dow. “She’s a very involved member, very cogent in asking the right
questions when we interview clients (teachers). She takes great
interest with retirement issues and is an active member of the National
Council on Teachers’ Retirement. We think so highly of Linda that we
have elected her vice chairman of our Board.”

Schloss, the executive director of the Teachers’ Retirement Board,
feels that Ruberto brings a unique perspective to the Board.

the only active teacher on the Board, Linda brings a unique perspective
to the daily challenges confronting Massachusetts educators,” she said.
“Throughout her tenure on the Board, Linda has been a consistent
advocate for increasing benefits for retirees and survivors.”