Goldberg & Kerrigan Advance To General Election

Goldberg & Kerrigan Advance To General Election
Deb Goldberg

Retiree Turnout Sealed Victories

SEPTEMBER 10, 2014: Association members turned out in droves in support of our endorsed candidates on primary Election Day.

On a day when overall turnout amongst the general voting public was very low, retirees helped propel Deb Goldberg and Steve Kerrigan to victory in the Democratic primary for State Treasurer and Lt. Governor, respectively. Goldberg now faces Republican Michael Heffernan in the General Election November 4th.

Kerrigan joins Martha Coakley on the Democratic ticket for governor. They square off in a four-way race with Republicans Charlie Baker and Karen Polito, along with two unenrolled/independent candidates.

On the legislative front, all eight candidates backed by the Association won their respective primaries.

“Of all the races we’re involved in this year the office of the State Treasurer holds the most importance to public retirees,” says Association President Frank Valeri. “We went all in with Deb Goldberg because, from our experience in working with her over the years, we know that she’ll be an excellent Treasurer. She not only understands the issues facing public retirees, but, more importantly, will make our members a priority.

“I want to thank all of our members who took the time to vote in the primary. One great strength of our Association is our ability to turnout our membership on Election Day to support those candidates who’ve earned our endorsement.”

Association members also strongly backed current Treasurer Steve Grossman, who came up short in his challenge of Coakley in the Democratic Primary. However, Grossman overcame a double-digit deficit in the polls during the campaign’s closing days, ending up five points behind Coakley in the final vote tally.