Former Mass Rep In Humanitarian Role

MARCH 2005
- Andy Natsios Faces Tsunami Challenge - He has been called "a man for all seasons," and the title is most
fitting for this former state representative from Holliston. Andrew
Natsios, Director of the U.S. Agency for International Development
(USAID), has been dealing with the world's worst humanitarian disasters
since the first Bush administration. He has been the designated "point
man" for both Presidents Bush on all global disasters that have
required American aid and assistance.

tall, candid, some would call him blunt spoken, public servant has worn
many hats during his public career. The agency, USAID, has been the
top-level U.S. government agency, providing economic and humanitarian
assistance to transitioning and developing countries for over 40 years.

his present position, he is playing a major role in the recovery effort
of the devastation caused by December's tsunami, the worst natural
disaster in our lifetime.

addition to serving for a dozen years in the Mass. House of
Representatives, he also served stints as chairman of the Republican
State Committee, Secretary for Administration and Finance for the
Commonwealth of Massachusetts and a Commissioner of the Public Employee
Retirement Administration Commission (PERAC).

Andrew Natsios came back to Massachusetts to work as Secretary of
Administration and Finance, I don't think he felt comfortable and
didn't stay very long. He had found his calling in life to be a
humanitarian on the world level," said Association President Ralph
White. "For Andy, the tsunami represents the ultimate challenge."

Poirier, a Republican from North Attleboro, served in the Mass. House
with Natsios and remembers him as a man with great compassion for the

"I have fond recollections
of Andrew Natsios, always lecturing like a college professor, giving
both sides of an argument and always showing compassion for the needy
and downtrodden," said Poirier. "Since Andrew left the Legislature, he
has moved on to very important positions with the federal government
and has always brought great pride to the Massachusetts House of
Representatives and those of us who served with him."

has joined an illustrious and august group of Bay-Staters who have
distinguished themselves on the international scene and have
successfully served both Republican and Democratic administrations.