Deb Goldberg For Treasurer

Deb Goldberg For Treasurer
Deb Goldberg

Long Record of Proactive Support of Retirees

July 2014 Voice: Throughout our Association’s 46-year history we have maintained a policy of supporting public officials and candidates for office who have a record of supporting public retirees. The criteria for receiving our endorsement are simple: Support and stand with public retirees through actions – not words or promises of future support.

We are proud to endorse Deb Goldberg of Brookline for the office of State Treasurer and Receiver General.

Our relationship with Deb dates back nearly 20-years, to when, as a newly elected Selectman she took the initiative to spearhead the efforts of Brookline retirees to accept local responsibility for future COLAs. Due to Goldberg’s efforts, Brookline did adopt the COLA law, which has since proved to be a great success.

Over the years, as both a selectman and town meeting member, Deb Goldberg frequently rose to support and defend her local retirees. What is most impressive, beyond the end result, is the fact that Deb acted on her own accord – simply because it was “the right thing to do.”

Arguably, the Office of State Treasurer and Receiver General is the single most important elected official when it comes to public retirees. The Treasurer chairs both the State Retirement Board, as well as the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board. The treasurer also holds seats on the Teachers’ Retirement Board and the Retiree Healthcare Security Trust.

PRIM alone invests over $59 billion in public retiree pension funds – including some $12 billion in municipal pension assets.

Of her many impressive qualifications, is the fact that Deb Goldberg holds degrees from Boston University, Boston College Law School and Harvard Business School. She is a former Stop & Shop executive, the well-known supermarket chain once owned by her family, who maintained a union shop. During this time Deb developed a reputation as someone who supports and stands with working families.

As the leading public official on pension issues, the Treasurer sets the policy tone on issues such as the COLA, pension reform and, as current Treasurer Grossman has proven, retiree health insurance benefits. Grossman, who is running for governor and not seeking reelection as Treasurer, played a critical role in protecting the rights of retirees and survivors as a member of the Special Commission on Retiree Healthcare.

Given the fact that the next treasurer will play a key role in the ongoing debate over retiree healthcare, COLA base improvements and overall pension reform, it is highly important that the person elected to this statewide constitutional office be someone who not only has the professional skills to run the office, but also has a record of supporting public retirees.

Deb Goldberg understands these issues and will make them a priority within the treasurer’s office. Moreover, she brings a unique sense of empathy for and appreciation of public servants. This is why she has a record of placing public retirees at the top of her list of priorities.

Deb also knows the truth about our defined benefit pension system. Deb is someone we can count on to defend our system and your benefits – not because she wants your vote, but because she truly believes it is the right thing to do.

Our Association is proud to endorse and support Deb Goldberg for state Treasurer. We look forward to working with her toward our common goal of bettering the lives of public retirees and surviving spouses.

The primary election for Treasurer takes place on Tuesday, September 9, 2014. Deb Goldberg’s name will appear on the Democrat ballot.