Cahill Endorsed For State Treasurer

- His Experience Cited By Association - Appearing at our annual meeting, just four days prior to his smashing
September 17 Democratic primary victory for state treasurer, Tim Cahill
has earned the endorsement of our Association.Cahill, the Norfolk County Treasurer for the past six years, has been a consistent supporter of public retirees' progressive legislation, both at the State House and at the local level.

was with us at the State House in 1997 when the pension cost-of-living
reform law (Ch.17) was passed and as chairman of the Norfolk County
Retirement Board, initiated acceptance of the law in his county which
has given retirees new COLAs every year since," said Association
President Ralph White.

Cahill has
been an active member of the Massachusetts Association of Contributory
Retirement Systems (MACRS) where he has involved himself in all areas
of public retirement. He has also been active at the national level on
behalf of federal pension legislation.

elected state treasurer, he will be responsible for the Commonwealth's
$27 billion Pension Reserves Investment Trust (PRIT). This trust is
managed by the Pension Reserves Investment Management (PRIM) Board of
which the state treasurer is chairman.

PRIM Board not only manages state and teachers' pension funds, but also
a large number of cities, towns and counties have placed their pension
funds in PRIT for management," said White. "The state treasurer has a
tremendous responsibility to all of our state's public retirees and
survivors. Tim is up to the trust that would be placed upon him as

Bill Hill, our
Association's legislative chairman, feels that Cahill would be a great
asset to our Association. "He knows firsthand the nuts and bolts of our
retirement law. There would be no learning curve with Tim Cahill," said
Hill. "He's also had the experience of managing a large public pension
fund which is so important during a period of market decline such as we
are now enduring."

Cahill, 43,
campaigned under the slogan "Tim for Treasurer" and highlighted the
fact that he was the only candidate in the race who had on-the-job
experience. He lives in Quincy where he has been a member of the city
council since 1987. He is a Boston University grad and he and his wife
Tina are parents to four daughters.